Cultural councils and Professional commissions apply certain criteria when evaluating programme proposals. The Cultural councils and professional commissions submit their professional evaluation and proposal for programme co-financing to the Department. On the basis of the professional evaluation, the Department draws up a programme proposal with a fund distribution plan by single programmes and users. The final programme proposal and the fund distribution plan is determined by the Mayor of the City of Rijeka and is submitted to the City Council for adoption.

The criteria are determined in correlation with the number of points so that a certain programme can gain a maximum of 100 points.


  • content quality, originality, creativity, innovation and programme education
  • clarity, completeness, cost-effectiveness and feasibility of the programme, including other sources of funding and the quality of the financial plan / pricing
  • importance for the development of a single activity and the culture of Rijeka and artistic creation
  • professional and artistic references of authors, cooperators and program leaders
  • quality of work up to that moment, successes and experience in implementing the proposer’s programme
  • program continuity
  • designed action plan towards the audience / public
  • co-operation at local, regional, national and international levels

As an exception to the aforementioned, the Cultural Council for the Protection and Preservation of Cultural Heritage will apply the following criteria when evaluating programme proposals in the cultural activity relating to the Protection and conservation of cultural goods:

  • value and degree of historical/artistic and conservation valorisation
  • the degree of endangerment of a cultural good
  • contribution of the programme to the protection and conservation of cultural goods owing to an innovative approach and / or by digitalising materials and / or by educational contents
  • contribution to the development of new cultural products and contents in the presentation of cultural heritage
  • completeness, cost-effectiveness, feasibility of the programme, including other sources of funding and the quality of the financial plan / pricing
  • Public action plan
  • applicant’s continuous investment in the field of protection and conservation of cultural goods
  • a multi-year investment programme in the protection and conservation of the cultural good that is a candidate
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