In 2021, the City of Rijeka will allocate HRK 3.171.000,00 of its budget for the Public Needs Programme in the field of culture. These funds will support the programmes for the protection and conservation of cultural heritage, museum and visual arts programmes, musical programmes, theatre, dance and movement programmes, audio-visual programmes, literature programmes, innovative artistic and cultural programmes, cultural programmes in the community (programmes aimed at cultivating traditional culture and the culture of national minorities, cultural actions and events in the territories of the local boards, programmes of friendship societies, etc.), programmes and events for young people. The Public Needs Programme in the field of culture for 2021 was adopted during the 31st meeting of the City Council held on 17, 18 and 19 December 2020 and was published in the Official Gazette of the City of Rijeka No. 16/20.

The minutes of the Cultural Councils, which are not final documents, are available on the web pages of the Cultural Councils of the City of Rijeka.

The minutes of the Cultural Councils are not final public needs documents. The task of the cultural councils is to evaluate the offered programmes and forward expert evaluation to the Department with a co-financing proposal. The proposed public needs programme in the field of culture for the year in question is determined by the mayor who sends this proposal to the City Council for consideration and adoption. The final proposal of public needs has been adopted by the City Council.

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