The City of Rijeka, companies and utility companies owned by the City of Rijeka as well as the institutions founded by the City of Rijeka use active employment policy measures through the Croatian Employment Service.

Among the active employment policy measures provided by the Croatian Employment Service, the measure “Work, years of service and transport” was used to a largest extent; it is better known under the title Professional training for work without establishing an employment relationship, aimed at providing work experience to young people in the profession they were educated for. The target groups covered by this measure include persons registered with unemployed records for at least 30 days, whose professional service does not exceed 12 months in the profession that they were educated, regardless of the total years of service registered with the pension insurance.

“Employment after professional training – support for employment” is a measure that is used among active employment policy measures.

Additional information about the active employment policy measures is available on the website of the  Croatian Employment Service.


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