The City of Rijeka, in cooperation with partners, supports youth entrepreneurship in different manners and youth employment. As regards children, it influences the adoption of basic entrepreneurial knowledge and the development of entrepreneurial skills.

The projects and programmes falling within this theme are focussing mainly on the development of creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurial competencies, necessary for orientation in the labour market and for starting one’s own business activities. Moreover, through the professional qualification programme without establishing labour relations and other measures and projects, the City of Rijeka offers a possibility to young people to gain new work experience.

Through  the Programme which includes general measures aimed at incentivising the development of entrepreneurship in the territory the city of Rijeka, the City of Rijeka supports projects and programmes focussing on the development of creativity, innovativeness and entrepreneurship necessary for orientation in the labour market and for starting one’s own business activities.

The City of Rijeka launched the following programmes which are specific for children and young people:

The City of Rijeka, in co-operation with its partners has realised a number of EU projects aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of unemployed young people and encouraging young entrepreneurs as the driving force of economic growth such as  EnterYOUTH  or “New possibilities – improved employability of unemployed young people” projects.

The Croatian Employment Institute is responsible for active employment measures at national and local level. The Croatian Employment Institute implements general programmes dedicated to unemployed people which relate to professional guidance, professional counselling and information. In addition to the general programmes, it also offers a number of measures destined for specific groups of unemployed people endeavouring to simplify their entry into the workforce through various measures and activities.

Through the Croatian Employment Institute, the City of Rijeka applies a number of active policy measures to promote youth employment and the measure relating to professional qualification without establishing labour relations. The measures are directed towards competencies rising and preparing young people for employment, and in particular towards further inclusion of young people in entrepreneurship and developing civil society organisation as a more and more important stakeholder in the labour market.

The Youth Home Rijeka carries out intermediation activity on the occasion of employment of high school students who attend school regularly.

The Student service that operates within the Student Centre Rijeka carries out intermediation on the occasion of student employment.

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