The strategic noise map is the fundamental noise map dedicated to a comprehensive assessment of the citizens’ exposure to noise from various sources.

Within comprehensive environmental management in the city of Rijeka, already in 1997, a professional base was prepared for drawing up the Master Plan of the city of Rijeka, where all stationary sources of noise were identified and systematized, restaurants, entertainment and sports facilities, and an analysis of their impact was carried out.

In 2008, contracts were signed  with company DARH 2 for drawing up strategic and conflict maps of road traffic and a conflict map of railway noise in the city of Rijeka.

This project, in which strategic and conflict maps were prepared for road and railway traffic, applies the methodology laid down by the Noise Protection Act, Directive 2002/49 of the European Parliament and the Council relating to noise assessment and management and by Recommendations of the European Commission 2003/613/EC of 5 August 2003.

Project results were presented in two separate surveys.

Within the project the following has been prepared:

  • Strategic map of road traffic noise for day, night and day-evening-night,
  • Conflict map of road traffic noise for day and night,
  • Strategic map of railway noise for day, night and day-evening-night,
  • Conflict map of railyway noise for day and night.


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