Administrative fees are payable in accordance with the Administrative Fees Act (OG 115/2016 and 114/22) in respect of operations performed by administrative bodies.

The fees can be general and special and their rates are laid down by tariffs.

How to pay fees

The fees are payable into the specified account of the City of Rijeka, regardless of the fee rate as follows:

  • number HR33 2402 0061 8373 0000 5
  • reference number HR68 5860- applicant’s  ID no. 

Exceptionally, fees up to EUR 13.27 can be paid in tax stamps.

Types of fees and what they are paid for

General fees:

Pursuant to the Decree on Administrative Fee Tariffs (Official Gazette 92/21,93/21,95/21 and 156/22), when paying general fees:

  • EUR 2.65 is paid for requests, applications, proposals, registrations and other acts (tariff number 1)(*Note: the prescribed fee is not payable under this tariff no. for acts submitted by clients electronically in the e-građani system)
  • for all decisions for which a special tariff is not prescribed, the fee amounts to EUR 6.64 (tariff number 2) (*Note: if one decision is to be taken at the request of several persons, the fee prescribed under this tariff number is paid by each person to whom the decision is issued)
  • for certificates, excerpts and other public documents concerning the facts kept in official records, if not otherwise prescribed, a fee in the amount of EUR 2.65  is payable (issuance of certificates concerning data from spatial planning documents, certificates for self-contained units within a building) (tariff No 4)

Construction fees:

Construction fees are prescribed for:

  • issuance of site development permits, decisions on change and / or amendment to the site development permit and permit whereby changing the purpose and use of the building (tariff number 19),
  • for the issuance of building permits, decisions on change and / amendment to the building permit, except when changing the name or the investor’s company and building permits when reconstructing the building, and for the issuance of building inspection certificates (tariff number 20).

The amount of the construction fee under tariff numbers 19 and 20 is calculated immediately before the issuance of the final act.

Summary of fees (non-administrative cases)

Location information Tar No. 1 and 4 (2.65) 2.65
Certificate of self-contained units within a building Tar No. 1 and 4 (20,00 + 2.65) 5.30
Issuance of certificates relating to data from spatial planning documents Tar No. 1 and 4 (2.65 + 20,00) 5.30
Certificate of land partition survey Tar No. 1 and 4 (2.65 + 2.65) 5.30
Determining special conditions and connection conditions Tar No. 1 (2.65) 2.65
Main projects certificates Tar No. 1 (2.65) 2.65


No administrative fee is payable for registering the beginning of construction works of a building, for registering the beginning of building removal, and registering the test operation of a building.

No administrative fee is payable for giving an opinion on the application of legal regulations from the field of construction and physical planning.

Articles 8 and 9 of the Administrative Fees Act lay down general and individual exemptions from the payment of administrative fees.

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