Land preparation for investments and the market.

Land preparation includes:

  • drawing up and bringing in urban planning documents,
  • preparing projects and obtaining documents in order to implement urban planning documents,
  • drawing up and implementing a land allotment survey,
  • resolving proprietary and juridical relationships (repurchase, replacement, expropriation and other)
  • other activities in order to prepare construction or land development (for instance demolition of buildings predicted to be demolished etc.)

Land preparation is also carried out for the construction of buildings intended for a variety of building types such as:

  • Land preparation for city investments:
    • roads, parking lots, pavements and vehicle and pedestrian areas, parks, children’s playgrounds and other public areas
    • public buildings (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, cultural buildings,
    • sports facilities and other public purposes).
  • Land preparation for investments financed from other sources:
    • sites for constructing high-rise buildings residential buildings under the subsidised housing scheme,
    • sites intended for Homeland War defenders
    • sites for constructing infrastructure plants (substations and other infrastructure plants)
  • Land preparation for the market:
    • sites for constructing business buildings, work zones,
    • sites for constructing residential and business buildings
    • sites for constructing residential buildings (high-rise buildings, family buildings and buildings for several families)
    • sites for constructing garage buildings
    • sites for constructing accompanying infrastructure facilities (petrol stations etc.)
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