The flats owned by the City of Rijeka are given on lease in accordance with the priority list for giving flats on lease.

The City of Rijeka has a relatively low number of available flats. The priority list gives priority to fellow citizens who are in difficult living conditions and have no other options to solve their housing problem.

The priority list is established for a period of four years, exceptionally, when there are justified reasons, the mayor can extend the validity of the list for a specific period of time.

The procedure for determining the priority list is initiated by the Mayor with the publication of a public invitation for the collection of applications for giving flats on lease. The allocation of flats and housing spaces is carried out in accordance with the applicant’s order on the priority list.

The priority list is determined based on the following criteria:

  • years of residence in the territory of the city of Rijeka,
  • years of work experience in the Republic of Croatia,
  • participation in the Homeland War,
  • Homeland War invalid,
  • number of family members,
  • number of minor children and children who attend regular school,
  • child care – single parent
  • children with disabilities,
  • disabilities and health conditions,
  • social status
  • years of age

The procedure, conditions and measures for giving on lease flats owned by the City of Rijeka are laid down by the Decision on leasing flats.

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