The City of Rijeka has been active in the field of efficient energy management for many years


Energy efficiency is recognized worldwide today as a strong and financially optimal way to achieve the goals of sustainable development. It is also mentioned as a new source of energy. Rationalization of energy consumption, i.e. consumption of less energy for the same purpose has its economic value because the investment in energy efficiency is returned through savings.

The City of Rijeka, as a body of local self-government, has been active for many years in the field of efficient energy management, in order to improve energy efficiency and reduce harmful effects on the environment and raise awareness among citizens about the need for efficient energy use. In its operation, it relies on the Construction Act (Official Gazette 153/13, 20/17, 39/19), the Energy Act (Official Gazette, Nos. 120/12, 14/14, 102/15, 68/18). – Act on Amendments to the Energy Regulation Act) and the Energy Efficiency Act (Official Gazette nos. 127/14, 116/18, 88/17, 25/20).

In its energy management policy, the City of Rijeka adheres to the following principles:

  • focus on increasing energy efficiency,
  • compliance with legal and other requirements related to the use and consumption of energy and energy efficiency,
  • management of buildings owned by the City of Rijeka in order to improve energy performance by using new more energy efficient technologies, materials and equipment,
  • supporting the procurement of energy efficient products and services and designing to improve energy performance,
  • ensuring the development and implementation of energy projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, as well as energy losses,
  • developing awareness of energy and energy-acceptable behaviour of employees,
  • maintaining communication in energy resource management.

These determinants of the Energy Management Policy have been translated into general management goals, from which specific individual goals are determined each year and plans related to the improvement and efficient energy management are developed.


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