The City of Rijeka has introduced a city card (Rijeka City Card – RCC) that enables its beneficiaries to use city services in a faster, cheaper and simpler manner.

For the first time one card can be used for rides on buses of Autotrolej and for parking in parking lots managed by Rijeka plus, while owing to cooperation with Erste Card Club, the card also has payment functionality. Soon the card will allow the users to borrow books from Rijeka Civic Library.

Citizens may choose one card among different 3 types of cards which all enable the use of city services, but they differ by type of payment functionality:

  • Diners Club Rijeka City Card (DC RCC) prepaid card
  • Diners Club Rijeka City Card (DC RCC) companion card
  • Diners Club Rijeka City Card (DC RCC) credit card

The prepaid card DC RCC enables subscription of monthly or annual tickets bought at Autotrolej and parking tickets of Rijeka promet and also paying in an amount up to HRK 1,000 which serves then to buy one-way bus tickets, pay parking fees at parking lots managed by Rijeka promet and to buy good in shops in Rijeka that support contactless payment with Diners Club cards.

However, payment of financial funds on this card is not a condition for subscribing city services, so that citizens who do not want to use the city card as a payment card may subscribe only city services, without financial funds.

The cost of issuing the prepaid card which is valid for 3 years amounts to HRK 30.

More about the functionality and issue of the city card Rijeka City Card.


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