Since school/academic year 2014/2015, the City of Rijeka has been awarding scholarships to secondary school students and university students according to social criteria. By awarding scholarships, the City of Rijeka wishes to bridge the economic barriers to entry into the education system of young, socially disadvantaged people, and at the same time, it helps downsize the trend of early formal education leaving and early entry into the labour world.

The mayor determines the number of scholarships and the monthly amount of scholarships for every school/academic year pursuant to the Decision on scholarships for secondary school and university students according to social criteria where the Criteria for selecting the scholarship holders of the City of Rijeka form its integral part.

The competition for awarding scholarships is published at the beginning of the school/academic year.

Each candidate is assigned a certain number of points, according to basic and additional points. The candidate list is drawn up in accordance with the realised overall points, respectively for secondary school students and for university students, which serves as a basis for selecting scholarship holders.

The Decision on awarding scholarships is brought in by the mayor who signs scholarship agreements with students for the whole period of education within the grade at which the student is assigned the scholarship, (secondary school/higher education) on condition that during this period he must fulfil all the prescribed conditions.

At the beginning of every school/academic year “the old” scholarship holders shall prove that they have met all the requirements contained in the scholarship agreement, while the Scholarship Commission shall review the submitted documentation, namely evidence that all the requirements have been met.

The monthly scholarship amounts to EUR 112.81, and scholarship holders receive the scholarship over a 12-month period, starting from October.

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