Bolt, leading European platform that offers on-demand transport services, has presented a semi-annual pilot project relating to electric scooter rentals in Rijeka, in partnership with the City of Rijeka, starting from 15 January.

Ten city locations will be available for Rijeka citizens where they will be able to unlock e-scooters by using Bolt app.

Six-month Pilot Project in Rijeka

An analysis of e-scooter use has shown that there are many rides up to 3 kilometres in Rijeka and that makes Rijeka an ideal city for using e-scooters, said Tomislav Lukačević, country manager at Bolt. During the trial period, attention will be paid to user safety to make the use of scooters as safe as possible. In partnership with the City of Rijeka and the Croatian Association of Electric Scooter Drivers (HUVER), educational events on safe use of scooters are envisaged.

Marko Filipović, Deputy Mayor of the City of Rijeka, reminded that in March 2020, the City of Rijeka had introduced the Ricikleta e-bike system, as concrete contribution to the development of alternative forms of sustainable mobility. Over 4,000 rides of Ricikleta of Rijeka have shown that there is interest, despite all the limitations and geographical obstacles that exist in Rijeka. The City of Rijeka offered organizational support to the Bolt pilot project, and it is important to note that the introduction of new technologies in all aspects of life, including eco-mobility, is among the priorities defined by the strategic documents of the City of Rijeka.

Filipović expressed hope that the ecologically sustainable manner of mobility would continue even after the expiry of the pilot project lasting for 6 months. Immediately after the service has been presented, he tried riding a scooter on Korzo.

Rijeka e-scooters

In Rijeka scooter models that develop a speed of up to 20 km / h will be in use. In certain special areas, such as Korzo and part the sea embankment, the speed is limited to 10 km / h.

Bolt electric scooters location map in Rijeka

At first, 200 scooters will be available, located in Rijeka downtown area, at 10 locations. Each scooter has a built-in GPS device that provides an insight into the locations where they can be picked up and left. Every morning, Bolt will make available scooters at their belonging locations, and scooters will then be disinfected for additional safety. If the user wants to leave a scooter in an area marked in red by Bolt app, such as Korzo, the user will be warned via the application that the scooter should not be parked in that location.

Use of e-scooters – unlocked by scanning the QR code

To use e-scooters, you need to install Bolt app on your smartphone, which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. Those who already have this app will see a scooter icon in their app after updating it. By selecting the icon, the user will be redirected to the scooter rental interface. E-scooter can be unlocked by scanning the QR code placed on the steering wheel. Before the first use, the app will show the user instructions for safe riding and parking the scooter.

Service price

During the promotional period, the service cost amounts to 75 lipas per minute of riding.

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