The IT System Division carries out the activities relating to planning, projecting, developing and establishing application programme solutions for the needs of the City of Rijeka, the utility companies, institutions and societies owned by the City of Rijeka or it carries out activities of importance for the City of Rijeka.

This Division plans, manages, supervises  IT projects based on Oracle, EMC2 Documentum and Microsoft technology platforms.

The Methodological Framework of the Division is composed of:

  • Oracle CDM ( Custom Development Method) – a methodology for developing application systems and
  • Oracle AIM (Applications Implementation Method) – a methodology for implementing application systems.

Mainly used tools for the development and maintenance of information systems:

  • Oracle Designer, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX)
  • Jaspersoft JasperReports
  • EMC2 Documentum (OpenText)

The beneficiaries of the application solutions are the Departments within the City of Rijeka Administration and the utility companies and societies owned by the City.

Departments of the city administration of the City of Rijeka

Utility companies and societies

  • Utility company Autotrolej
  • Utility company Čistoća
  • Utility company Kozala
  • Utility company Vodovod i kanalizacija d.o.o.
  • Rijeka promet company
  • Energo company
  • Rijeka sports company
  • RI-stan company


  • Entity Rijeka Kindergartens
  • “Tić” Children’s Centre
  • Rijeka Civic Library
  • Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc
  • Rijeka puppet theatre
  • Fire Brigade of the City of Rijeka
  • Museum of modern and contemporary art
  • Rijeka Civic Museum
  • Art Cinema
  • Centre of Croatian Culture Sušak
  • Lopača psychiatric hospital
  • Local boards
  • Council of the national minorities of the City of Rijeka
  • Elementary schools in the territory of the City of Rijeka
  • Youth Centre
  • Education Centre
  • Autism Centre
  • APOS subsidized housing agency


Electronic office (eOffice)

At the beginning of 2008, the City of Rijeka implemented the software solution “Issue of documents in the field of urban planning and construction” which provided support to office activities within the City Department for the implementation of urban planning and construction documents. Subsequently, by generalizing the functionality, support was provided to standard business processes in all Departments of the city administration. The same structure has been extended to other users (Rijeka Kindergartens, CNT Ivan Zajc). eOffice is also available to citizens through the website and by following the case through a direct insight into its status in relevant business processes.


According to the legal obligation laud down by the Budget Law, local and regional self-government units must have an account for all payments. Subsequently, in 2013, the City of Rijeka started a gradual introduction of a new central financial management system at the level of administration and institutions founded by the City, thus replacing the previous Integrated Information System. The treasury system is a central integrated system for supporting business processes within budget beneficiaries and it includes modules such as financial and accounting management, human resource and profit management, sales of goods and services, registers of purchases, etc.

Information Service of the City of Rijeka (ISCR)

The information service of the City of Rijeka is a central place for personalized communication of citizens and legal entities with the city administration and users. The system allows authorized information on various services: invoices and notifications based on contractual and legal obligations. In addition, the system allows the submission of applications for individual services or applications for tenders and grants. The system is actively used for the registration of public needs in the field of culture, the submission of tax forms for the consumption tax, requests for enrolment in kindergartens, subsidies to entrepreneurs, etc., and the number of services and users is constantly growing. The aim of the project is to maximize activities that can be performed via information technology and create “administration without counters”.

Establishment of an electronic salary file

The project included the development of an application solution for accessing and manipulating electronic copies of documents relating to the calculation of salaries and allowances, their processing and electronic archiving. The infrastructure base of the project is the existing installation of the EMC2 Documentum system, and 18,000 A3 sheets and 20,000 A4 sheets have been scanned, including all copies of employee salaries and M4 forms.

Computerization of the traffic and community wardens of the City of Rijeka

Within the Utility Services Department, two divisions have been set up – the Traffic Wardens Division and the Community Wardens Division. The company processes have been computerised to allow that the activities carried out by the divisions take place in an efficient and quality manner. In addition, the Traffic Wardens Division operates according to a fully computerized work process, from the identification of violations to the punishment of offenders. An information system has been developed that allows IT processing, after detecting a breach, on the spot by using a software solution installed on a transferable device that includes a camera, a GPS tracker and the ability to transmit data wirelessly. The ascertained data are transferred wirelessly to the central system of the City, after which further administrative processing follows, from the issuance of a notification of the offence committed and an obligatory penalty charge notice, and its monitoring until the end of the procedure and payment. The Community Wardens Division uses the implemented solution to monitor utility problems as well as a successful resolution of utility problems reported through various communication channels, in order to systematically monitor and plan staff activities.

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