The Administrative Department of General Affairs is responsible for the following activities:

  • human resources management in the city administration (employee relations and regulation of rights and duties of the mayor and deputy mayors) and labour law relations of the employees of the Public Fire Brigade of the City of Rijeka, of the Agency for Subsidised Housing Construction of the City of Rijeka and the Children’s Home Tić
  • clerk’s office activities (office and archival tasks)
  • tasks that include occupational safety and fire protection in the buildings used by administrative bodies and local boards, and coordination tasks relating to the implementation of occupational safety and fire protection measures in the buildings managed by administrative bodies
  • activities relating to the establishment, development and management of computer and electronic communication infrastructure, information systems and information security
  • insurance operations (determining the type and scope of insurance services for property and civil servants and employees of the City, monitoring the fulfilment of insurance contracts, reporting claims and taking actions to determine the amount and collection of claims and compiling the claim collection report)
  • planning the procurement of goods, works and services for the needs of administrative bodies, preparation and implementation of public procurement procedures that are carried out in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement and simple procurement procedures that are carried out in accordance with the Ordinance on the Implementation of Simple Procurement Procedures, implementation of central public procurement procedures in accordance with authorisation issued by competent authorities, keeping the register of public procurement contracts and framework agreements and other public procurement information bases, making analyses and reporting on public procurement procedures and making proposals for the development of the public procurement system
  • other tasks within the scope of their activity determined by special laws, other regulations and decisions taken by the mayor and the City Council.
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