The Rijeka Astronomy Centre is the first and only astronomy centre in Croatia with an observatory and a planetarium. The only digital planetarium in Croatia and the wider region is part of the International Planetarium Society - IPS.

The Astronomy Centre with the Planetarium is a first-class tourist attraction located in the northwest tower of the former military fort on the hill of Sv. Križ.

The amount of HRK 12.5 million was invested in its reconstruction and construction.

The facilities include:

  • planetarium with sophisticated space simulation equipment
  • observatory
  • polyvalent lecture room
  • exhibition spaces
  • restaurant area with a terrace and an observation deck

The building in which the Astronomy Centre is located was built in 1941 as a military fortress with four prominent towers. In 2001, a telescope protected by a retractable roof of the observatory dome was installed in the northwest tower, thus forming the first observatory in Rijeka. In terms of design, the planetarium hall has fitted nicely into the existing fortress of the observatory.

The dome has a diameter of 8m. Projectors and software equipment of the company In Space System (RSA Cosmos) have been installed in the premises. The telescope is of the MEADE LX 200 type, with an objective opening: 16″ (406.4 mm) which provides a maximum magnification of up to 800 times.

The planetarium hall has a capacity of 52 seats, and thanks to sophisticated equipment for simulating the appearance of space, these premises are unique in Croatia. Presentations are held in the Planetarium almost every day. The expanded Rijeka Astronomy Centre has educational, scientific and tourist significance for the area of the city of Rijeka, and also much wider.

The concept of the Astronomy Centre is based on the functional connection of the contents of the planetarium with other areas of the centre and the observatory. In this way, visitors and users of the centre are able to experience simulated and real images of the universe that surrounds us almost simultaneously.

The possibilities offered by the built-in equipment are great, and the space simulation programmes are adapted to different ages and can last up to 50 minutes.

The building of the astronomy centre is arranged in such a way that various educational programmes can be held in it, since it has the multipurpose lecture hall, planetarium hall for digital projections of the appearance of the universe, and exhibition spaces. Thanks to the observatory with the telescope, a computer workshop and premises for scientific meetings, it is also possible to organise scientific programmes in it.

The building has a restaurant area and a terrace offering a view towards Rijeka Bay and the hilly hinterland.

The investor of the building is the city company Rijeka sport, and the project documentation was prepared by Arhitektonsko-građevinski atelier, Rijeka. The surface of the building includes 500.00 sq.m. of indoor and 325.00 sq.m. of outdoor space. The works were carried out by GP Krk.

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