Within the Sports and Recreational Centre “3. maj” in 2009, a reconstructed six-lane bowling alley was opened that meets the criteria of the international competition system and technical regulations of the WNBA (World Ninepin Bowling Association) and meets the requirements for holding national competitions for nine-pin bowling – classic bowling.

The bowling alley is located on the first floor of the sports centre on an area of about 435 sq.m.

The six-lane bowling alley, along with appropriate space adjustments, was equipped with the most modern equipment, identical to the equipment that was installed in the SRC “Mlaka” bowling alley in 2008.

New stands with 52 seats for spectators were installed. Modern audio equipment was also installed, the heating was reconstructed and new fan convectors were installed.

The works worth HRK 1,451,200.00 were financed by the City of Rijeka.

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