Čistoća utility company has agreed on more favourable disposal of bulky waste, so that the price payable by citizens for waste collection goes down. The mayor of Rijeka gave his consent to the reduced garbage hauling price.

After Ekoplus had significantly increased the price of bulky waste disposal on 1 October 2020, and therefore the price payable by citizens for the waste collection service had gone up, the utility company Čistoća Rijeka published a tender in order to find a more favourable price in the market for disposing bulky waste, whereby enabling a reduction in the final service price payable by citizens.

Four companies took part in the mentioned tender, of which the most favourable offer was sent by Eko-flor plus company and Čistoća entered into an agreement with them.

Given the more favourable conditions achieved for bulky waste processing and disposal, Čistoća initiated a procedure of adopting new price lists for end-users whereby reducing the price of obligatory minimum public service for users by 12% on average and the total monthly bill by 9 % on average.

The mayor of Rijeka, Vojko Obersnel, gave his consent to this new price list of Čistoća.

As the public was informed, Ekoplus incerased the price of bulky waste treatment and disposal in the waste disposal centre Marišćina from HRK 232 / t to HRK 1,990.00 / t starting from 1 October 2020, although the representatives of the City of Rijeka and Čistoća in the Supervisory Board of Ekoplus opposed to the increase and voted against it. Unfortunately, the increase was adopted and it significantly affected the total cost of the public service provided by Čistoća, i.e. its last year’s increase in the price of the public service provided by Čistoća.

However, by achieving more favourable market conditions, the conditions for the adoption of new reduced price lists of Čistoća for end-users have been met and they will be effective as of 1 March 2021.

Since Ekoplus, in the meantime, considers to reduce the price of bulky waste disposal, Čistoća will, if Ekoplus actually reduces its prices, continue to co-operate with the company, but without increasing the prices payable by end-users.

This reduction in prices that Čistoća now brings in and which will enter into force from 1 March 2021 practically means that the average monthly bill for garbage hauling for singles will amount to HRK 46.61 instead of HRK 51.42 payable to date, for a two-member household the average monthly bill will amount to HRK 58.49 instead of HRK 63.30, the average bill for a four-member household will now amount to HRK 95.12 instead of HRK 101.72 payable to date etc.

The price of the obligatory minimum fee for 0–2 members, i.e. the price of the fixed part for real estate that is not used, is reduced from monthly HRK 39.54 payable to date to HRK 34.73. The obligatory minimum fee for 3-4 members is reduced from HRK 54.20 to HRK 47.60, for 3 members or 5 and more it is reduced from HRK 98.22 to HRK 86.21.

The table below shows the comparison of changed average monthly bills for garbage hauling in Rijeka:

Average amount of the bill Measure unit Current price
(VAT excluded)
New price
(VAT excluded)
Fixed part for real estate that is not used monthly 39.54 34.73 87.84
1 household member monthly 51.42 46.61 90.65
2 household members monthly 63.30 58.49 92.40
3 household members monthly 89.84 83.24 92.65
4 household members monthly 101.72 95.12 93.51
5 household members monthly 157.62 145.61 92.38
6 household members monthly 169.50 157.49 92.91


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