In accordance with the mayor’s guidance, the Department of Culture has carried out the project for placing sculptures by modern authors in public urban space.

Over the last decade, an initiative was launched by the City for installing four sculptures:

The bridge of Croatian Defenders (1997-2001), a project designed by 3LHD, architecture studio from Zagreb. In honour of Homeland War defenders, the memorial bridge was built over the Dead Canal as an extension of the main pedestrian communication Korzo – sq. Jelačić. The bridge was inaugurated on 21 Dec. 2001, it is 48m long, and at its end there is an impressive 9m high monument.

Sculpture THE SPHERE by the author Dušan Džamonja in front of the Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc was placed in 1999. The sculpture together with paving around the fountain was a gift from OMV Croatia.

Sculpture THE BOAT by the author Vojo Radoičić in Pauline square. The installation of the BOAT on the pavement of the square included also the painting of the building facade in front of which the sculpture is placed.

Sculpture MARIJA by the author Željko Kranjčević Winter at Trsat.

The city as a partner placed several sculptures and this initiative was launched by external proposers. The following sculptures were placed on that occasion:

Sculpture THE WAVE by Belizar Bahorić (2004), the author’s gift for the City of Rijeka in front of the Modello palace.

Monument THE BOW (ship) (2005), a gift from the shipbuilders of the 3. MAJ shipyard, situated at the intersection of streets Zvonimir and Liburnija, on the occasion of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Rijeka’s liberation and the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the 3. MAJ shipyard.

Sculpture THE WALKER by the author Ivan Kožarić on Korzo (2009). The initiator of this sculpture is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The city bought the sculpture from the author and paid its casting and placing.

Sculpture THE SEA by the author Ljubo de Karina near the Kantrida Athletic Hall (2011). The sculpture was given as a gift to the City of Rijeka by the sculptors’ workroom Lokve from Gorski Kotar, which also initiated its placing.

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