The association for homeless and socially vulnerable citizens “Oaza” (Oasis) manages the Homeless shelter which activity was initiated in 2013. For the needs of this shelter, the City provided a premises having an area of 218 sq. m. at the address Žrtava fašizma 12, and it also co-finances its programme every year. The shelter has the capacity to accommodate 15 persons who are directed to the Shelter through the Social Welfare Centre in Rijeka.

Within its program, the association “Oaza” carries out the following activities: providing homeless shelter services; preparing small meals (breakfast and dinner), providing lunch by the soup kitchen, allowing the maintenance of personal hygiene, laundry washing and drying and providing daytime centre services; providing assistance when taking out personal documents (identity card, health card, employment records, passport, driving license); assistance when realising social rights (e.g. one-off assistance, permanent assistance, accommodation in social welfare institutions or with host families etc.); assistance when realising health insurance rights; providing job search assistance; possibilities of additional qualification, contacting families; maintaining occupational workshops, organising free time and sensitising the public to the problems of homelessness and poverty.

The association “Oaza” has organised a residential community for homeless women at the address Krešimirova 26/c, for which the City of Rijeka has also provided premises.

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