In order to protect citizens from communicable diseases, the City of Rijeka implements the measures of preventive disinfection, disinfestation and deratting (DDD measures) and professional surveillance of their implementation.

As a rule, the measures are implemented during spring and autumn, starting from the centre to the suburbs.

Disinfection is carried out during summer on public beaches and sundecks and after holding manifestations. Deratting measures must be repeated until the number of the rodent population is reduced to a minimum biologically acceptable number, below the threshold of harmfulness. During the mosquito season, larvicide treatments are regularly carried out.

The City of Rijeka bears the costs of implementing these measures :

  • in the buildings and business premises owned by the City,
  • in the cemeteries owned by the City
  • on public beaches and bathing establishments,
  • on public traffic areas,
  • on other public areas.


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