Doorstep collection of useful waste and in recycling yards

Containers, semi-underground containers and smart containers

The system of primary waste selection is being established in the territory of Rijeka, namely enabling doorstep waste separation by placing a set of specific containers consisting of three bins for collecting five recycling fractions.

The set of standardised containers includes YELLOW containers for collecting glass, metal and plastic, BLUE containers for collecting paper and cardboard and ORANGE containers for collecting tetra packaging, and they are placed next to the already existing containers for mixed municipal waste.

In more than 30 locations in Rijeka, in addition to a set of standardised containers, there are also white containers with a purple label for the disposal of clothing, textiles and footwear.

In certain locations in the city, instead of plastic containers, semi-underground containers have been placed of higher capacity than those above ground.

Instead of rubbish bins in downtown Rijeka, smart solar modular containers have been placed. The smart modular container is really smart in many ways, primarily because it has built-in technology that allows it to send a signal when it needs to be emptied. Each container has two modules – for mixed municipal waste and recyclable waste.

Recycling yards and mobile recycling yards

Čistoća utility company has opened recycling yards in Mihačeva draga, Pehlin and Jože Vlahović Street, where citizens can dispose of recyclable raw materials, as well as problematic types of household waste, completely free of charge.

Also, as an upgrade of the separate waste collection system, in Rijeka there are mobile recycling yards – mobile containers for separate collection and storage of small quantities of usable and other types of household waste.

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