Since April 2013, the City of Rijeka has been a member of the European Network of Cities for Sport and Physical Activity which main goal is to encourage physical activity and an active lifestyle of all members of the community, adjusted to their age and possibilities. The joint activities of the network members depend on available EU funds. Currently there are no projects underway.

In addition to its health-related component, the network also has its social component tied to improving the quality of life, in particular among third agers.

Becoming a member of this international network, Rijeka has a possibility to present its activities on the website of the  “Cities for Sport” network whereby it contributes to the international promotion of sports in Rijeka and of Rijeka on the whole.

The City of Rijeka continuously promotes sports as a lifestyle, the synergy of sports and health, either through its own projects, i.e. programmes, or through projects and programmes realised in cooperation with external partners, and on this occasion we should particularly put an emphasis on the following projects and programmes, namely on sporting activities dedicated to all ages:

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