The City Department of Sports and Technical Culture, the Community of sports associations of the city of Rijeka "Rijeka Sports Association" and Rijeka sport, a company owned by the City of Rijeka are responsible for implementing sports activities in Rijeka.

Department of Sports

In accordance with legal definitions,  the Department of Sports cooperates with Rijeka sports clubs when trying to resolve various issues tied to their activity.

The Department of Sports and Technical Culture financially supports traditional and occasional sporting events, it organises important international manifestations, the participation of Rijeka athletes and teams in international competitions and special programmes played by young selections.

Rijeka Sports Association

Cooperation between the Department of Sports and the Rijeka Sports Association reflects in obtaining proposals when drawing up the Public Necessities Programme in the field of sports, monitoring and supervising programme realisation, preparing and implementing regulations, and any other issues tied to sports themes.

When financing the Sports Programme in the city of Rijeka, results achieved by sports associations and individuals are taken into consideration, as well as mass work with younger age groups, that in addition to the classification of disciplines and the classification of sports associations within them serve as the starting point when determining the amounts whereby it co-finances programme activities promoted by sports associations.

Furthermore, training and competition of athletes are also financed through the Rijeka Sports Association, top and promising athletes are supported as well as sports activities of children, youth, students and recreationists and training and competition of people with disabilities and hearing-impaired people.

Rijeka Sport

Rijeka sport is a company responsible for managing, maintaining and building sports facilities in Rijeka. It is wholly owned by the City of Rijeka, and the Decision on the establishment of Rijeka sport as a limited liability company responsible for managing, maintaining and building sports and other facilities was adopted by the City Council of the City of Rijeka at its session held on 19 April 2007.


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