The number of citizens included in sports activities, the organisational structure of the sports activity in Rijeka, the network "Cities for sport"

In Rijeka more than 25,000 citizens take part in various sports activities; out of this number 17,000 are active athletes (6,400 registered athletes competitors and 5,300 are not registered), 5,000 are members of sports and student sports clubs and 450 are athletes with disabilities.

Athletes are members of 222 clubs (sports associations) that make part of the Rijeka Sports Federation, namely of about 350 sports teams in 48 sports activities and disciplines.

By age structure, children (young athletes) and members of sports schools are the most represented category (55%), juniors and cadets account for 30%, while seniors account for 15%.

The number of male athletes is almost double when compared to female athletes, this ratio is 65:35.

Preschool activities are directed towards the organisation of competitions between kindergartens through the program “The Olympic Festival of Kindergartens ” promoted by the Croatian Olympic Committee and the local sports communities under the auspices of the City of Rijeka.

The sports activities of pupils attending elementary and secondary schools are practiced in about twenty sports disciplines through the city league and competitions among the sports clubs. Student sports activities take place through competitions organized by the Rijeka Sports Federation.

The City of Rijeka also co-finances the sports activities of the city associations of people with disabilities and the activities of their federations.

In addition to the mentioned, the City of Rijeka also co-finances the recreational activities of citizens through 30 sports programmes in 30 local boards of the City of Rijeka and it enables the third agers the use of sports facilities, who can practice there physical activities free of charge (for example city pools).



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