Owing to its position and attractive locations for sports in the city and in its surroundings, Rijeka offers conditions for competitive and recreational sports programmes in several disciplines throughout the year.

In winter conditions, the Platak Ski Centre, twenty kilometres away from Rijeka, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, is an ideal place for alpine and Nordic disciplines.

At the Automotodrome Grobnik, ten kilometres away from Rijeka, trainings and sports events of local and foreign auto-moto racers are held.

The regatta fields in Žurkovo and Moščenička Draga are suitable for holding sailing regattas, the most famous of which is Fiumanka.

Preluk Bay is known for wind (locally called Tramontana) that allows windsurfing.

The rowing field in Omišalj, and more recently in Bakar, are natural bays where international rowing regattas are held.

Recreational zones and the Rijeka promenades, which are being continuously renovated and expanded, are suitable for hikers.

The cycling transversal of the Rijeka Ring – for lovers of active vacation and recreation along the 50 kilometres long transversal and more than 100 kilometres of its paths, connects a rich cultural offer, dynamic fun life, beautiful beaches, romantic old town centres and a top oenological and gastronomic offer.

An attractive area in the surroundings is the Učka Nature Park where there are excellent conditions for various recreational and sports activities such as free climbing, horseback riding, flying and cave exploring.

Nearby is the Risnjak National Park, where hikers and visitors who want to conquer the summits can climb Veliki Risnjak (1528m) and Snježnik (1506m) by following several hiking trails.




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