The programme of public necessities in the field of sports in the City of Rijeka is financed from the Budget of the City of Rijeka through a competition published by the Rijeka Sports Federation.

The sport programme activity in the city of Rijeka is primarily based on the Law and the Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka for the period from 2014 to 2020.

The competition for financing the Programme aimed at satisfying public necessities in the field of sports is published by the Community of the sports associations of the city of Rijeka “Rijeka Sports Federation”, which through its professional and advisory commissions, processes the offers received and gives proposals on programme co-financing from the budgetary funds of the City of Rijeka.

The Rijeka City Council shall adopt the programme of public necessities in the field of sports for the next year towards the end of the current year.

At the proposal of the mayor, the City Council shall determine the amount of funds.

Budgetary funds are designed to co-finance regular activities of the sports associations, extracurricular sports activities of children, pupils and students and sports and recreational activities of citizens, cinesiotherapeutic activities of disabled people and people with health impairments, to stimulate programmes intended to follow and reward top and promising athletes and organise traditional and significant international manifestations in the city, participation of Rijeka teams and athletes in international competitions, professional training.

After the City Council has determined the Programme of public necessities in the field of sports, the Assembly of the Rijeka Sports Federation brings in a detail distribution plan in addition to the distribution of funds by activities in accordance with certain regulations. The records relating to the use of sports facilities are kept by the Rijeka Sports Federation, given that sports associations use sports facilities owned by the City of Rijeka and by the utility company “Rijeka sport” free of charge. In this way, complete transparency is achieved in regard to local communities, namely between the City of Rijeka and the Rijeka Sports Federation and sports associations in Rijeka.

Additional information is available on the website of the Rijeka Sports Federation.


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