A contract for demolishing warehouses 5, 6 and 7 was signed in Warehouse 7, owing to which 8,500 sq.m. of open operating space will be obtained. The works should be completed within 90 days.

The contract for works worth HRK 13 million was signed by Denis Vukorepa, C.E.O.of the Port of Rijeka Authority, on behalf of the client and Hrvoje Merki, director of EURCO from Vinkovci on behalf of the selected bidder.

Warehouses 5, 6 and 7 are located in the Rijeka Basin, on the concession area of the Port of Rijeka which currently uses only the ground floor to fill and empty containers, while the rest, most of the warehouse is not usable for port operations. By removing warehouses 5, 6 and 7 missing operational port space will free in the Rijeka Basin of 8,500 sq.m. for container handling and storage up to heavy and oversized cargo.

This investment is worth HRK 13 million, of which the amount of 8 million was provided by the Port of Rijeka Authority, and 5 million by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

The works should be completed in 90 days, they will start by removing salon panels from the roof, removing the metal structure, after which starts the mechanical demolition of the warehouse and waste recycling.

Next to warehouse 7, within the project “Improvement of infrastructure in the port of Rijeka – Rijeka Basin (POR2CORE-Rijeka Basin)” works are underway on the installation of new drainage infrastructure, installation of new tracks and finally concreting the base. The project with a total value of EUR 33,664,078.00 is 85% funded by the European Union under the Connecting Europe Facility, and is implemented jointly by the Port of Rijeka Authority and the Port of Rijeka.

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