Planning, Development, Infrastructure Construction and Transport Division, carries out activities related to the planning, construction and management of buildings and related facilities and devices of utility infrastructure, analysis, controls and regulation of traffic, in terms of analysing the existing and proposing new traffic solutions of local importance, and activities relating to the issue of licences to perform taxi services, activities related to the determination and (forced) collection of utility rates, compensation for holding an illegally constructed building in an area, activities relating to the assignment of the public water service relating to the cleaning of septic and holding tanks, monitoring the activity and operation of the Agency for Subsidised Housing Construction, tasks related to the collection procedure, analysis and certification of invoices and other financial documentation of legal entities and natural persons who have been granted a concession falling within the competence of the Administrative Body, and coordination and monitoring of the work and operation of utility and other companies co/owned by the City falling within the scope of activity of the Division.

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