In 2016, the City of Rijeka started drawing up project documentation in order to realise the project titled “Seaside promenade with beaches – west”, however, due to the complexity of territorial and patrimonial relationships, the project was divided into several sections.

With this capital project – Seaside promenade with beaches – west, promoted by the City of Rijeka, the seaside promenade along the entire stretch from Preluk to the “3.maj” shipyard, or up to the Brgudi marina, will be renewed and built. The future promenade, of a total length of almost 5.8 km, will connect the existing and recently renovated beaches and the existing and planned sports, leisure and tourism facilities located along the west coast of the city.

Section A includes the reconstruction of the existing Milić Jardas promenade, from the beach called “S zavoj” to the Hilton Costabella hotel complex. Section B includes the continuation of section A up to Bivio beach and section C includes the stretch of the promenade from Bivio beach to Ploče beach under the swimming pool complex where the already built stretch of the promenade continues.

Up to now, complete project documentation has been drawn up, the building permit for the reconstruction of section A has been issued and the planning permit for the construction of section B, while the preliminary design for section C has been drawn up.

In May 2021, part of section A, below the Hilton Costabella hotel, was renewed.

As part of the project – Seaside promenade with beaches – west, the project documentation was prepared in order to widen Kostanj beach, for the reconstruction of which the building permit has been issued.

In order to realise the continuation of the promenade to Bivio beach, the regulation of patrimonial relationships with land  owners is underway, which has proved to be very complex.

As regards the implementation of the project interventions, given the area covered by the projects, which also includes rest and recreation areas for children and adults and complete infrastructure, the value of the investment for both sections according to project prices, is estimated at HRK 45,000,000.00.

The idea of the Rijeka Strolling Paths was born from the intent to connect the furthest south-eastern point with the furthest north-western point of the city area, or to allow strolls from Plumbum in the eastern part of the city of Rijeka to Bivio, that is to Preluk, in the western part of the city.

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