Construction of a nautical port with a capacity of 118 commercial and 80 non-commercial berths intended for vessels of different sizes.

Value of project documentation: HRK 159,000.00 kn +VAT

  • Type of project Tourism and recreation
  • Project holder City of Rijeka
  • Location City of Rijeka
  • Ownership Maritime domain
  • Estimated project value  EUR 6,000,000

The project involves the construction of:

  • a breakwater which is an extension of the container terminal,
  • 118 commercial and 80 non-commercial berths intended for vessels of different sizes over an area of 63,000 sq.m.,
  • four small buildings within the marina, with 2,700 sq.m. of gross developed area
  • a filling station,
  • a parking lot with 125 parking spaces for cars and 20 parking spaces for motorcycles.

Realisation model:
A concession should be obtained, for a term of 20 years the concession is issued by the Primorje Gorski Kotar County, while for a longer term (up to 50 years) it is issued by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.

Prepared documentation:

Physical planning documents:

  • project is in accordance with physical planning documentation.

Project documentation:

  • conceptual project has been prepared

Brajdica nautical port

Brief description:  The General Urban Plan of the City of Rijeka in the Pećina quarter predicts a special purpose port, ranged as a nautical port, marked LN-3 Brajdica, having a total surface of approximately 6.3 hectares. The nautical port will represent a spatial passage from the port area, towards residential premises. With the construction and refurbishment of the entire coastal strip and promenade in the eastern part of the city, stretching from Brajdica to Martinšćica, the Brajdica nautical port will represent the logical and significant beginning of an attractive coastal stretch.

The port capacity will be 118 and 80 non-commercial berths intended for vessels of different sizes. On the lot planned for constructing the port, 125 parking spaces and 20 spaces for motorcycles will be available.

Description of the solution:
The western edge of the building lot of the nautical port is next to the container terminal Brajdica, the northern edge along the exit of D-404 highway and the eastern edge continues towards the coastal promenade and residential buildings in the Pećine quarter. The southern edge of the nautical port extends along the outer edge of the main breakwater for a total length of 300 m, which continues towards the coastal structure of the container terminal Brajdica II.

The organisation of the aquatoric area within the marina enables reception of up to 200 boats. The following buildings are planned within the marina: a concierge, reception, administrative premises, premises for staff and first aid, restaurants, a shop for nautical equipment and spare parts, nautical services and a petrol station. As part of the coastal edge, a pier is planned where a travel lift will be located for lifting boats from and lowering them into the sea.

Within the development of the conceptual project, the possibility of accepting a maximum number of boats in the defined aquatoric area of the nautical port was analysed. In order to implement such possibility, it is assumed that the mooring piers should be extended by 12.0 m, and the mooring of boats on the primary and secondary breakwaters. In this way, up to 350 boats can be accommodated (± 20% depending on the size of the boats).

Breakwaters and coastal walls:

The main breakwater is placed perpendicular to the direction of the winds coming from the southern quadrant. The length of the breakwater is about 300.0 m, and the embankment-type structure for great sea depths (up to -40.00 m), and a high design wave. In addition to the main one, a 30.0 m long secondary breakwater is planned, positioned vertically to the entrance to the marina.

The length of the coastal walls together with part of the secondary breakwater wall is approximately 515.0 m.

The conceptual design defines the layout of pontoon jetties long 60, 72 and 84 m. Boats are tied with the bow to the jetty, while the stern is anchored independently. The jetty is made up of standard pontoons, classically anchored with limited shifts in the horizontal and vertical planes.

Traffic connection:

Two connections with state road D 404 are predicted and with Šetalište XIII divizije St.

Landscape designing for green areas and other areas is proposed in accordance with possibilities to perform it. Autochthonous plants will be planted while it is planned to sow lawns in other areas.

Contact persons:
Srđan Škunca
City Department of Development, Urban Planning, Ecology and Land Management
Tel: 051 209 450
Fax: 051 209 451
Eda Rumora, Development, Urban Planning and Ecology Division
Tel: 051 209 461
City of Rijeka
Titov trg 3, 51000 Rijeka

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