The construction of commercial buildings is planned on 9 building plots having a total surface of 19.694 sq.m.


The planned business zone is located west of the current Getro shopping centre and in the immediate vicinity of the road to Škurinje, which enables access the so-called Rijeka ringroad which is only 1.2 km away.

With regard to the distance from other transport infrastructures, the zone is approx. 3 kilometers away from the seaport or approx. 29 kilometers from the airport.


The planned entrepreneurial zone is located in the western part of Rijeka. It is located in a valley, on both sides, along the Škurinje stream. Due to an inadequate terrain on which part of the zone was located, numerous activities were carried out such as the acquisition of certain terrains, the construction of a barrier owing to which the national entity for water management Hrvatske vode solved the problem of rainwater, furthermore the filling of the terrains, owing to which new plateaus have been created, whereby increasing the usefulness of the zone. Currently the zone extends to somewhat less than  5 hectares.

Construction programme:

On 9 building plots, having a total surface of 19.694 square meters, the construction of commercial buildings is planned. The plots range in size from 1,029 sq m. to 8,558 sq m. and the expected maximum gross developed area of the buildings ranges from 712 sq m. to 8.800 sq m.


  • Total project value: HRK 11,258,233.00
  • Total eligible costs for co-financing: HRK 10,382,442.15
  • Co-financed by EU funds: HRK 5,710,343.18 (55%)



In September 2017, the City of Rijeka notified its project “Construction of utility infrastructure in the Entrepreneurial Zone Bodulovo” in response to the tender “Development of infrastructure of entrepreneurial zones” published by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts. The project value relating to utility infrastructure construction amounts to HRK 10,382,442.15. According to the tender criteria, the construction of utility infrastructure is co-financed in the amount of 55% of eligible costs amounting to HRK 10,382,442.15. Having passed two evaluation phases, the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts passed a Decision in May this year, whereby awarding the City of Rijeka a grant for co-financing the Project in the amount of HRK 5,710,343.18.

The project implementation period is from October 2019 to May 2022.


City of Rijeka
Department of Entrepreneurship
Trg svete Barbare 2, Rijeka
Tel: 051 209 590

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