The Škrljevo terminal has a favourable geographical position, developed transport infrastructure and facilities in which various economic activities can be carried out such as production, processing and storage of goods, etc.


The Port of Rijeka is the owner of the inland terminal in Škrljevo, where it has storage and traffic capacities. The Škrljevo terminal is a storage complex 10 km away from Rijeka and 3 km from Bakar.

The terminal has the status of a free customs zone.

new warehouses

Total area of the terminal: 417,413 sq.m.

Open warehouses: 130,000 sq.m.

Closed warehouses: 44,000 sq.m.

Free areas: 243,000 sq.m.

The terminal area is optimal for a distribution centre. It offers investment opportunities – development of industrial facilities and construction of new warehouses, storage of various types of cargo and finishing, processing and packaging of various products. The space is equipped with the necessary accompanying facilities and is connected to the railway and highways of the Vb corridor.

In December 2017, the Port of Rijeka opened new warehouses within the Škrljevo Terminal. New warehouses and canopies were built next to the existing old warehouses of 30,000 sq.m., and canopies around the old warehouses of 10,000 sq.m. The total covered space is 100,000 sq.m., while the area of the container depot is 12,000 sq.m.. The total value of this investment is EUR 30 million, and it was financed with HRK 300 million of fresh capital of capital increase of the Port of Rijeka. The project started in 2013, and construction works in August 2016.

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