In recent years the motorization rate has increased significantly and this trend continues with an ascending characteristic. Of course, this worsens the situation in the segment of necessary parking spaces.

One of the best solutions to the parking problem is the construction of a garage and, in accordance with the aforementioned, based on the Master Plan (GUP) of the City of Rijeka (Official Gazette No. 7/07), the locations for the construction of garage buildings have been determined.

One of the locations for garage buildings is planned in the Crimea quarter, in a city area with greater population density. The garage building is planned in the area bordered by Šetalište I. G. Kovačić, Krimeja, Podvoljak and Rudolf Džodan streets.

In accordance with the above, the Department of City Administration for Development, Urban Planning, Ecology and Land Management has coordinated with the creator Geoprojekt the preparation of the conceptual project of the Crimea garage building.

The garage building extends over two underground floors and four floors above ground so that in no part it exceeds the height of the intersection Šetalište I.G. Kovačić and Crimea streets. The garage has overall 344 parking spaces, 18 of which are for disabled people, while 30 spaces are for motorcycles.

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