The project includes 17 railway stations of a high-speed urban rail line on the route of the existing rail line from Matulji to Škrljevo.


17 railway stations of the high-speed urban railway line on the route of the existing rail line from Matulji to Škrljevo.

The reconstruction of the existing railway route in order to establish public urban / suburban railway transport, the refurbishment of the existing railway stations and construction of new ones in order to provide services, preparation of park & ride systems (bus / train, car / train).

Planned construction:
The existing railway will be reconstructed and a second track will be built, the existing railway stations will be reconstructed and ten new urban / suburban railway stations will be built

The topic of the introduction of urban / suburban railways in the public urban transport system is part of the Study of framework possibilities for the construction of the second railway track on the section Škrljevo – Rijeka – Šapjane. The study was ordered by Hrvatske željeznice (Croatian Railways), and the City of Rijeka is included in Project Coordination through its representatives. The project was positively assessed by a previous feasibility study as regards its socio-economic feasibility. The study was completed in October 2014.

Croatian Railways continue activities on the construction of the second track of the railway through the city of Rijeka, on the section from Škrljevo to Jurdani, including the stops of urban-suburban railway in 2015, by drawing up preliminary and main projects, and by providing funds for this purpose through EU funding – under the CEF.

Investment estimate:
The construction of the second track of the existing railway line from Škrljevo to Jurdani, the reconstruction of the existing stations and the construction of all stops on the route is estimated at EUR 300,000,000.

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