The hall of Exportdrvo, with an area of 5,400.0 sq.m., after its refurbishment in 2020, became a new cultural centre of Rijeka intended for exhibitions, musical and stage performances.

The Port Authority of Rijeka invested HRK 4.5 million in the renovation of the roof, the refurbishment of sanitary facilities and the installation of electrical installations and external staircases, and in 2020 the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure granted a five-year concession to the City of Rijeka for the renovated warehouse premises of Exportdrvo, free of charge, primarily for performing various public programmes.

The experience gained so far about the use of the premises indicates that there is a number of possibilities for organising various manifestations of cultural, trade fair and commercial nature.

The hall of Exportdrvo has established itself as premises owing to the key programmes of the Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture (ECC) project. Exportdrvo thus hosted two most important exhibitions within the ECC project, remarkable world-class exhibitions: “Fiume Fantastika: Phenomena of the City” and the international exhibition “Usijano more/The Sea is Glowing”, as well as a number of accompanying exhibitions. Exportdrvo also hosted numerous literary programmes.

Within the realisation of the ECC project, the warehouse premises of the former company Exportdrvo were seen as an important point of the Sweet and Salty programme direction, which considered the possibility of urban and cultural connection of the Hartera zone (former paper mill), located in the Rječina canyon, with the southern Delta zone where the Rječina flows into the sea. Thus, some of the events related to the preparation and promotion of ECC were located exactly in the area of the warehouse of the former company Exportdrvo.
As part of the Rijeka – ECC project, in July 2020, at the initiative of the PartneRI Business Club Association, a children’s playground with an art installation Balthazar’s “Uragan” (Hurrican) was renovated, located next to the old Uragan ship on the breakwater. Due to security reasons, the installation was subsequently moved to Delta next to the warehouse of Exportdrvo.

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