The Kantrida athletics hall is the home of Rijeka athletes, but also a place for training and recreation in various other sports.

The multi-purpose hall is mainly intended for the preparation and training of athletic teams and for the organisation of indoor athletics competitions, but also for other sports and recreational activities such as handball, basketball, tennis, sport climbing, aerobics, dance, etc. .

The investment in the construction of this facility amounts to HRK 38.5 million.

The complex consists of:

  • athletics hall with mobile grandstands,
  • climbing rocks,
  • administrative building,
  • connection bridge between buildings
  • fitness room
  • cafe
  • public staircase adjacent to the building

On the main ground floor of the hall clad in a sporty stretch tartan cladding, there are surfaces for the athletic disciplines of running, jumping and throwing. There are eight 60 m long running tracks, surfaces for the disciplines of triple jump, long jump and high jump, as well as surfaces for the practice of pole vaulting and throwing disciplines.

On the north side of the hall there is a grandstand with telescopic grandstands with a capacity of 330 seats with an additional 80 standing places, as well as areas for the entrance of visitors and the public with toilets.

Above the main parterre there are two smaller rooms intended for the practice of aerobics and dance, and in one part there is also a training room for sport climbers with an artificial rock with 17 directions and a height of 12 meters, which makes it the largest indoor artificial rock in Croatia.

The athletes’ entrance to the hall is made possible by a connecting bridge from the administrative building of the athletics club, which forms a functional unit with the hall. The administrative building houses the athletes’ changing rooms, there are offices and a meeting room, as well as a bar with an open terrace and a sea view.

In the basement floors of the hall there are additional spaces for athletes and other users. Thus, on the second basement floor there are the entrances, a separate changing room for sport climbers and a fitness room with related services. On the first basement floor there are a further four sports changing rooms for athletes and recreational guests.

The hall is designed to be usable by athletes with disabilities, as it has a lift and ramps to overcome unevenness more easily, a separate changing room, adequate toilet facilities and separate parking spaces.

The gymnasium is covered with modular panels of different materials resistant to external conditions. The roof is slightly rounded, partly covered with stone pebbles, and partly with ceramic slabs of a larger format. By choosing pebbles and ceramics, we tried to achieve the visual effect of the ripples and the shimmer of the sea surface in the open view that opens over the roof of the building from Istria St. towards the Gulf of Rijeka.

Construction works started in late 2008 and were completed in May 2010.

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