The Campus outdoor playground is located in Trsat and was reconstructed in 2015.

By investing capital, the City of Rijeka increased the quality and playground equipment, consequently, the playground has been very well visited ever since.

A new surface, tartan, was installed on the existing athletic track, a shot-put range was installed, high jump and long jump ranges were built, the equipment storeroom was refurbished, i.e. handy fitness and six containers were placed for the needs of offices and cloakrooms for users, in which the amount of EUR 206,102,33 was invested, increased by the VAT.

The athletic track is 291 m long, measured at a distance of 1 m from the inner edge, with an average width of 5.5 m, with four marked lanes, and the fifth lane is also marked for the 100 m discipline.

On the asphalt playground intended for playing basketball, handball and small soccer, the lines of the existing playgrounds have been marked, and the goals and baskets have been repaired. The dimensions of the playground have been kept in the existing dimensions, and the existing public sanitary facilities have not been replaced.

The facility is managed by the company Rijeka sport, owned by the City of Rijeka.

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