The City of Rijeka has been continuously promoting cooperation with civil society organisations and has been taking part in projects aimed at promoting voluntary work.

Civil society is a key segment of active and responsible citizenship which helps it to improve the local community where its citizens live. The development of civil society and the encouragement of cooperation between civil society organisations and the City of Rijeka are among the priorities of the City of Rijeka. In line with this, the City of Rijeka has been continuously co-financing a number of activities, projects, and programmes promoted by civil society organisations in the territory of the city of Rijeka, as well as beyond its territory, aiming to actively include citizens in the local community and improve the quality of life of its citizens.

The promotion and development of volunteering stand out as a segment of civil society in the city of Rijeka. Namely, in co-operation with the civil society development association “SMART“, since 2005, the City of Rijeka has been awarding prizes for Volunteers of the Year – three volunteers of the year awarded by the City of Rijeka and three volunteers awarded by the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County.

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