The Technology Transfer Office of the University of Rijeka (SuR UTT) was set up in March 2009, at the initiative of the University within the Technology Development Project of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, with financial support from the World Bank.
The Technology Transfer Office.jpgMission of SuR UTT
SuR UTT represents an important link between the academic and business communities that encourages research and professional work, and promotes the protection and marketability of the result of this work that represents intellectual property to the wellbeing of the University and all of its components.

What are we doing

Promotion of innovation culture

  • We provide support to research and professional work at the University and its components
  • We promote research and professional work at the University and its components and disclose that work to the scientific, professional, economic and wider public.
  • We uplift the level of awareness at the University and its components about intellectual property and the need to protect it with intellectual property rights

Technology transfer from the university to the economy

  • We disclose intellectual property
  • Legal protection (registration) of intellectual property
  • Commercialisation of intellectual property towards existing societies (licencing, sale)
  • Transfer of the use of intellectual property rights to the Science and Technology Park of the University



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