As a city that strives to be a child-friendly city and considers that its citizens’ health is among its priorities, in cooperation with scientists of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Rijeka, certain forms of health behaviours in school-aged children (from first to eighth grade) were examined in order to plan more effectively activities aimed at the prevention of health-risk behaviours and their negative consequences and at the promotion of beneficial behaviours for children’s health.

Data on behaviours that can be beneficial or harmful for health was collected from December 2008 until the end of January 2009 on a representative sample of 500 school-aged children in Rijeka. The survey was conducted anonymously with parental consent. For children from first to fourth grade of elementary schools, answers were given by parents (mainly mothers), while children from fifth to eighth grade independently provided answers to the questions contained in the questionnaire.

On the basis of the obtained results, in cooperation with the Chair of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management Opatija, University of Rijeka, a brochure was prepared titled “Eat like me” with recommendations on proper nutrition in school-aged children.


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