The ideal food for a new-born baby is breastmilk (in the inability to breastfeed, use only infant formula, after consultation with your paediatrician), when feeding small children, it is always necessary to use safe food (fresh and seasonal), not exaggerate with animal fat and flour, and avoid sugar, sweet and carbonated drinks, salt, especially in the first year of life, and fast food.

Water should be used for drinking (boil water during the first year of life).

For feeding, the bottle should be used as little as possible, baby food should be given with a teaspoon and a glass for drinking. From their appearance, teeth should be gently brushed twice a day and other protective measures taken according to the instructions given by your pediatrician or dentist, in order to prevent tooth decay.

The City of Rijeka supports the activity of the “Infant Feeding Counselling” and the Breastfeeding Support Group of the PGŽ Health Centre, as well as the efforts put by the Clinical Hospital Centre in Rijeka, which bears the honorary title “Child Friendly Maternity Hospital”, that supports breastfeeding from birth.

The City of Rijeka, in cooperation with the aforementioned health institutions, has published a number of leaflets and brochures intended for mothers with young children in order to teach them and encourage them to breastfeed for the benefit of their children and for their own benefit.

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