Aiming to satisfy children’s particular needs, and encourage to a maximum their capabilities, city kindergartens implement a particular programme for children with developmental disabilities within which, in addition to education, and provide rehabilitation and therapeutic programmes (logopedy, physiotherapeutic, psychological treatments and treatments by educational rehabilitators), food and transport.

Children with more sever disabilities join educational groups with a special programme in accordance with their primary disability (autism, cerebral palsy, slower psychomotor development). In accordance with individual possibilities, they are partially integrated in regular programme groups.

By including children with mild developmental disabilities in the regular educational programme in all kindergartens where conditions allow it, children can obtain the right to play and learn with their peers of typical development, the right to be fully respected and accepted and support is provided necessary for the development of personal competencies that will enable them to live a quality life and become a member of the local community with equal rights.

A particular emphasis is put on various forms of cooperation with parents because the strengthening of parental competence contributes to optimal functioning and preserving the family. In order to offer professional assistance and support to more demanding parenthood, a UNICEF programme “Growing up Together plus“ – a cycle of workshops has been implemented since last pedagogic year, whereby promoting personal growth and development of parents and children.

Additional information about the programmes intended for children with developmental disabilities is available on the website of the entity  Dječji vrtić Rijeka.

If an institution can provide conditions for work and stay of children, children with developmental disabilities, on the basis of a decree issued by a first instance appraisal body of the Social Welfare Centre, can directly enrol in Kindergarten.

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