The Programme of the public necessities of the City of Rijeka in the field of preschool education and preschool children welfare determines the form, scope, quality and manner in which public necessities in the field of preschool education are to be satisfied with the aim of satisfying a growing interest expressed by Rijeka citizens.

The City has a legal obligation to provide funds in order to enable the operation of the institution “Dječji vrtić Rijeka” which was founded by the City, thus allowing that a maximum number of children be included in preschool education. The City of Rijeka for many years already has been subsidising the activity of private kindergartens. In order to encourage private kindergartens to enrich their regular programmes and widen the offer with new special programmes, in 2015, the City of Rijeka published for the first time a public invitation for satisfying public necessities in the field of preschool education, although a legal obligation for this does not exist.

The City Council adopts the Programme of the public necessities, pursuant to which, a public invitation is published to submit applications to obtain the right to a subsidy for the activity of preschool education of kindergartens founded by other founders.

The kindergartens that are founded by other founders that operate in the territory of the city of Rijeka specified in the Kindergarten Network Plan in the territory of the city of Rijeka are entitled to submit applications in response to public invitations.

The mayor shall decide on the manner in which this Programme is to be implemented within the funds provided in the budget of the City of Rijeka earmarked for single purposes.


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