Division of residential facilities management carries out activities relating to the signing of flat lease agreements, it keeps records of regular lease payments and other housing costs, the cancellation and termination of lease agreements, giving flats on lease according to the list of priorities for renting flats, activities of keeping data on the property managed by the Administrative Body, records of managers and monitoring of the management of residential and business buildings, keeping the property register of the City of Rijeka, concluding annexes to the flat sale contracts on which there were tenancy rights, transferring the mortgage obligation under flat sale contracts on which there were tenancy rights, sale of flats, instituting legal proceedings for non-compliance with the flat lease agreement and proceedings against persons who have moved in illegally, maintaining a database that is the basis for issuing invoices of integrated housing costs to owners and users of flats and business premises in the city of Rijeka, issuance of deeds of release under contracts for flats sale contracts on which there were tenancy rights, issuance of various certificates in the area of housing, implementing a procedure in order to establish the List of buyers, based on which the procedure of selling flats according to the programme of subsidised housing construction is carried out.

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