The Administrative Department of City Property carries out the following activities:

  • management, registration, acquisition, alienation, construction, maintenance, hiring, leasing, conceding to manage and use all the facilities of public, business and residential purposes owned by the City of Rijeka, apart from municipal infrastructure facilities and facilities that serve to perform the utility service
  • preparation and implementation of energy certification of buildings owned by the City
  • professional and administrative tasks related to the value assessment of real estate according to a special law (data preparation, entry and valuation in the eNekretnine system, maintaining the collection of buying and selling prices and the plan of approximate values, issuing extracts from the same, preparing reports on the real estate market, professional, administrative and technical tasks for the needs of valuation commissions, etc.)
  • determining and keeping up-to-date records of the legal status of the real property owned by the City in the land registers, preparing documentation for registering and implementing the registration process of title deeds and other real rights to acquired real estate, and managing administrative and tying procedures related to the registration of real estate in favour of the City
  • land preparation, i.e. creation of technical, property preconditions in order to implement spatial plans and realise construction projects
  • other tasks within the scope of their activity determined by special laws, other regulations and decisions taken by the mayor and the City Council.
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