Priorities and measures of the second strategic goal

Development of new knowledge and technology

  • Development of technological and entrepreneurial knowledge through all forms of education
  • Development of entrepreneurial institutions and support measures
  • Transfer of knowledge and technology

Strengthening of the competitiveness in the economy

  • Competitiveness Council
  • Increase of employment with an emphasis on youth employment
  • New technology-based development of the economy
  • Development of creative industries
  • City’s ICT infrastructure

Projects of the second strategic goal

  • By completing the construction of the Campus, conditions will be in place to completely transform the University into a modern University of the new generation.
  • The City actively takes part in the construction of the new University Hospital in Trsat whereby raising the level of the quality of health protection and of scientific and research work, as well as, the competitiveness of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • By setting up a scientific and technology park (STeP2) in Kantrida further development of new technology and its transfer to the economy will be enabled.
  • By encouraging technological development focussed on increasing the competitiveness of the shipyard 3 maj the survival and development of the shipbuilding industry in Rijeka will be enabled.
  • By extending the start-up incubator a model will be developed that will enable self employment of young people.
  • By completing the construction of the business zone Bodulovo a zone will be created in the function of the new economy.
  • By widening the capacities of the production incubator in the zone Bodulovo its successful functioning will be enabled.
  • By promoting the zone of Mlaka and the Torpedo factory as business and entrepreneurial zones investors interested in investing in Rijeka will be lured.
  • By further developing the city information and communication network and by extending the free WiFi zone the position of Rijeka as an intelligent city will be established.
  • By encouraging the development of new-technology based industries, the sustainability criterion will be provided in city development.
  • The establishment of a centre for commercialising innovations will help the process in which innovators are integrated with companies and investors aiming to achieve faster commercialisation of innovations.
  • Further development programmes aimed at incentivising entrepreneurship and educational programmes for entrepreneurs for specific target groups of young people and citizens.
  • By setting up the Competitiveness Council, the mayor of the City of Rijeka, in co-operation with business leaders in Rijeka will endeavour to position Rijeka in the European market as well as in the global market with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of the economy.
  • By encouraging and co-financing energy efficiency programmes, project realisation will continue including, for instance, installation of photo voltaic panels for electricity generation and the construction of cogeneration plants.
  • The development of creative industries will be encouraged by the implementation of new development programmes dedicated to entrepreneurship based on cultural and artistic creativity with the application of knowledge, new technology and innovations.
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