In September 2013, the City of Rijeka adopted the Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka until 2020. The Development Strategy of Rijeka is based on the Strategy of the European Union until 2020 and on electoral programme RI2020 with which the same-named coalition won local elections in May/June 2013.

The participation of the public in the creation and adoption of this Strategy started already in February 2013 with the project  “Razgovori o Rijeci 2020 / Talks about Rijeka 2020”, it continued with professional workshops during June 2013 in which more than 130 professionals took part and a wide public discussion on the Draft Strategy that included businessmen from Rijeka, city councillors, and via e-consultations all citizens and all interested groups. The Development Strategy of the City of Rijeka until 2020 was adopted by the City Council at its session held on 19 September 2013.


Rijeka is focussed on the wellbeing of all citizens, which common values reflect in fostering openness, tolerance and responsibility.


Rijeka is a pleasant city to live in, which bases its development on the advantages of its unique geographic position, and on developed human resources focussing on knowledge that in a modern manner links the economy and science.

Three strategic goals

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