Project Title

Art and literature in environmental education! Is it A.Li.E.N.? (A.Li.E.N.?)

Project goal

This interdisciplinary project focuses on literature and art education and their positive impact on the development of “innovation skills”.


1 Oct. 2020 – 1 Oct. 2022


This interdisciplinary project focuses on literature and art education and their positive impact on the development of “innovation skills”: technical skills; thinking and creativity skills; behavioural and social skills. During the COVID-19 pandemic period, the eTwinning platform will be a shared classroom where students from six schools will meet and work together, waiting for the opportunity to meet live. Thus, team activities on Twinspace will include the integration and team building with the aim of disseminating project results.


  • extend the scope of the approved Erasmus KA2 project by involving its participants, students and teachers, in online activities that will help the group to integrate, communicate and work together throughout the year, as actual exchanges will be postponed due to the pandemic;
  • improve students’ learning competences
  • improve language competence by improving communication competence (meaningful exchange of ideas with others)
  • Improve ICT skills to enable interdisciplinary cooperation, especially during distance learning
  • share, transfer and create collective memory
  • promoting innovative approaches to learning, including the STEAM approach through interdisciplinary teaching including all academic disciplines
  • increase competence in social skills and team building, working effectively online and in person – when possible;

Assuming that due to the coronavirus pandemic it will be impossible to achieve the planned mobility, all activities will be developed online via video conferencing among schools that will join students working in national and mixed groups.

Expected results

The final project result will be public Twinspace and a web site.

Students are going to:

  • meet their project partners;
  • learn to be part of a multicultural team;
  • get to know the culture / tradition / history of their partner countries;
  • broaden their horizons, increase self-confidence and engagement;
  • develop and improve ICT skills, through the creative use of free Web 2.0 tools;
  • develop and improve their knowledge of the English language.

By using TwinSpace tools, all teachers are going to:

  • refer to partner practice through the discovery of strengths and weaknesses
  • disseminate good practices
  • create opportunities for exchange and mentoring
  • create opportunities for professional development open to both teachers of their schools and partner schools


  • Gymnasio Mygdonias, Drymos, Tessalonica, Greece (lead partner)
  • Elementary school Podmurvice, Rijeka
  • Atasehir Bil College, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Vilniaus Gabijos Gimnazija, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Colegio Pureza de Maria, Madrid, Spain
  • Istituto di Istruzione Superiore don Lorenzo Milani, Gragnano, Italia


  • Total project value: 195,080.00 (100% financed by EU funds)
  • Budget of ES Podmurvice: EUR 29,355.00

Financed under

Erasmus+, Key action KA2 – Partnerships projects for schools


Contact for more information

ES Podmurvice
Podmurvice 6, Rijeka
Tel: +385 51 678 177


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