Project Title:

My Film Story

Project Goal

Strengthening and developing the community of older adults in Rijeka and the region through various workshops, production and volunteer activities, and thus increasing their visibility in society and improving their quality of life.

Competent Authority:

Ministry of Culture, within the call “Art and Culture 54+“


People over the age of 54 are a very important age group for the cinema “Art-kino”. The general Art-kino audience has a share of approximately 30% of people over the age of 54, and the cooperation with the National Pensioners’ Convention of Rijeka is regularly negotiated in the form of financial benefits for the seniors. However, due to the lack of human and financial capacities, Art-kino is not able to carry out more activities for the age group of over 54 years old.

Our desire is to provide senior citizens a quality cultural and artistic content that can reach a wider audience within this age group. Given that within this group there are individuals of different creative aspirations as well as different interests in engaging in activities of larger or smaller scope in the My Film Story project, the elements are planned accordingly.

The Art-kino recognizes the benefits and necessity of diverse activities in working with seniors. The aim is to carry out activities of different levels of participation, but always for the purpose of socializing and strengthening the community and improving the quality of life. The supply of cultural activities often neglects the possibility for seniors to participate in the creation of various content and support at the volunteer level.

In order to meet the interests, opportunities and needs of the participants of this project, regular consultations with groups of interest will improve and adapt accordingly to the project activities.

Project activities

Through various activities, the project will enable a greater social inclusion of the participants by strengthening the relational aspects, that is by creating and strengthening social ties and by participating in the work of the public institution in culture:

  • volunteer work on regular Art-kino programmes
  • 8 creative workshops
  • members of the newly set up Film Club 54+ will actively take part in devising suitable film programmes


The cinema “Art kino Rijeka”, project promotor and implementer


23 July 2018 – 23 July 2019


  • Total project value: HRK 404,421.00
  • Co-financed by the EU: HRK 343,757.85 (85 %)
  • The remaining amount is co-financed by: the Ministry of Culture

Financed under:

Structural Funds – European Social Fund – Operational Program Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020, within Priority Axis 2 “Social Inclusion”

Web site of the project

For more information please contact

Saša Marcan
tel: +385 (51) 445 742

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