Project goal:

The project will contribute to social inclusion and integration  of pupils with developmental difficulties and special education institutions founded by the City of Rijeka, by providing teaching assistants.

Duration: August 2016 – August 2017

Project summary:

the project will contribute to social inclusion and integration of pupils with developmental difficulties in 15 regular schools and one special education institution, Education Centre founded by the City of Rijeka, in a manner that it will provide 43 trained teaching assistants who will take part in a direct educational process working with 48 pupils with difficulties. Owing to this, the education process will become easier for pupils, while at the same time we will help open 43 new jobs. Furthermore, this project will contribute to a wider vision of the attempts in setting up a support centre for pupils with difficulties in the territory of the Primorje – Gorski Kotar County.

Key activities:

RInclusion – Model of the City of Rijeka providing support to children with difficultiesSelection, education and work with teaching assistants who will provide support to 48 pupils with difficulties in 15 elementary schools in Rijeka and in the Education Centre.

Contact persons:

Lana Golob,
Sandra Nuždić,

Project promotor:

City of Rijeka, Department of Education and Schooling


Education Centre Rijeka
Centre for autism Rijeka
ES Belvedere
ES “Centar”
ES Eugen Kumičić
ES Fran Franković
ES-SE Gelsi
ES Gornja Vežica
ES “Kantrida”
ES Kozala
ES Nikola Tesla
ES Pećine
ES “Pehlin”
ES Podmurvice
ES “San Nicolo”
ES Srdoči
ES Škurinje
ES “Trsat”
ES Vežica
ES “Vladimir Gortan”
ES “Zamet”


Total project value: HRK 1,956,080.16
Financed by ESF: HRK 1,662,668.13
Budget of the City of Rijeka: HRK 293,412.03

Financed under: European Social Fund – Operational Programme Human Resources Development 2014-2020.

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